The Trust Bus Project was a community transformation project designed to build trust across the community, working with key stakeholders including government, police, schools, churches, local businesses, community leaders, NGOs, service providers and local residents.
Working in Lalor Park, Western Sydney, a socially disadvantaged community with little to no funding allocated to assist fledgling community groups wanting to make a difference, and tracking the impact across issues such as graffiti, crime, school attendance, community engagement, and community pride, this pilot project has been a major contributor to the restoration of Lalor Park from 2012 to 2015.
A documentary of this project and its social and economic impacts has now been released, and can be viewed via this link, or by clicking on the video above.
Entente Foundation will consider assisting other communities wishing to use trust as the foundation to tackle a range of social issues on a case by case basis. Please direct your query to Vanessa Hall on 02 8850 4330, or email
One of the successful programs developed in response to community needs was Walking the Talk, which is expanding into other communities across Sydney in 2015 - 2016.