The Entente Foundation

Entente Foundation is a not for profit dedicated to restoring and rebuilding trust in homes and families and communities. 
Entente Foundation is the Australian charity arm of Entente – The International Movement of Trust. 
When trust breaks down it creates disharmony, stress, anxiety, pain, anger, violence, and this manifests itself in all forms of abuse and creates dysfunctional families and communities. 
The time for trust is NOW. 

About Vanessa Hall

Vanessa Hall, Founder and Director of Entente Foundation is also known as ‘the trust lady’. Her passion and God given purpose is to bring about a new awareness to the power and fragile nature of trust. Her own personal experiences of trust being betrayed, of suffering post natal depression, of being widowed and left to raise her then 9 month old baby, Lachlan, on her own, her experiences of trust being broken and betrayed in the Finance Industry where she headed up Risk and Compliance teams in Australia, and he own epiphany brought about by her son that she shares in her writing, speaking and programs, all give Vanessa a solid platform and foundation of trust in God and in her purpose to help countless people around the world find peace and healing in trust. Read More