Entente Foundation Board of Directors


               Dianne Beer - is Special Counsel specialising in intellectual property and technology with law firm Herbert Geer. In the area of IP, Dianne advises clients on branding issues including domain names and trade marks, and on protection and licensing issues for copyrights, patents and designs. Dianne also provides specialised legal advice on a wide range of issues including marketing, licensing, outsourcing, alliancing and brand management She was formerly a Partner of KPMG and Abbott Tout.
    Glenda Nixon – Glenda Nixon is Partner of Accounting firm and Business Advisors, Accru Felsers. Glenda has over 30 years experience as a taxation specialist. She was one of the first female partners in Australian accounting practice and took up her current role as Managing Partner of Accru Felsers in 2003.  In addition to tax minimisation strategies, she assists clients with international tax and superannuation. Glenda is also very knowledgeable about accounting standards and enthusiastically maintains her expertise in auditing 
    Vanessa Hall – Vanessa Hall is known around the world as ‘The Trust Lady’, or the ‘International Ambassador for Trust’. Leaving a career as Head of Compliance for a range of Financial Services organisations, Vanessa’s passion for teaching and advising on how trust is built and breaks down, and how to actively and consciously build trust in business, homes and families, and communities, has seen Vanessa travel the world teaching ‘the truth about trust’.